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Internal Family Systems Therapy

What is Internal Family Systems (IFS)?

IFS is a therapeutic approach that is based on the belief that our mental processes are made up of various parts and that this is absolutely normal. There may be parts within us that react by withdrawing from certain situations, parts who react in angry ways, or parts who seek comfort in alcohol or food when anxiety is heightened. Throughout the course of our lives, these parts show up in various ways which may cause impacts in our relationships with ourselves and others.

Working with me, using IFS, begins by getting to know these different parts and being curious about how they came to be and why they feel the need to do what they are doing. As we work together to build insight into these processes, you will begin to feel more connected to yourself and your ability to handle situations in healthier and more effective ways will be increased. 

We will be able to identify vulnerable parts who have felt shamed, unseen, unworthy, abandoned, and unheard and give them the opportunity to be witnessed and eventually release burdens from the past. Once this happens, you will feel more balance and spaciousness within. 

How it works:

IFS is a form of talk therapy that incorporates embodied practices, where we work to identify and understand the different parts that make up your internal world. We will explore the how’s and why’s of the way you interact within yourself and with others to build insight and familiarity with your own processes. As we work together to build insight, you will begin to notice an increase in self-trust and you will experience more self-compassion. You will be able to begin navigating situations differently. We will also work to restore your connection to wounded and vulnerable parts of you by identifying when they are being triggered and lovingly helping them to unburden themselves from unhelpful beliefs. As we go through this process, you will begin to experience more and more self-awareness, lightness, and freedom as healing continues.

Who can benefit from IFS therapy?

Anyone! We all have aspects of our personalities that feel vulnerable, shameful, anxious, lonely, addicted, helpless, conflicted, driven and IFS can help these and many more issues. IFS can help you achieve a more connected and fulfilling life.

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